Primo Malto Majoris (Limited edition)

Our malt distillate, created in collaboration with the Capovilla distillery in Rosà (VI), comes from a small batch of Birra Sanavalle. It is double-distilled in a water bath with 150-litre copper stills. The distillate rests for at least two years in total before bottling: this resting period gives it roundness, harmony and complexity, bringing out the best of the noble raw materials used (barley, malt and hops).

The alcohol content is reduced with pure spring water and it is bottled without any added sugar or other additives. Ideal after a meal, on its own or accompanied by desserts made with nuts, dried fruit and chocolate.

Distillate type
Beer distillate
Alcohol content
45% Vol.
Double-distilled in cold water bath with copper stills
2 years in steel
Sizes available
50 cl